About us

Hello and welcome to Pizzeria Vent de Mar, a small, cozy and quiet family business in one of the most beautiful towns on the Costa Brava and in the world.

We are pleased to offer you an excellent combination of pizzas, pastas and salads, made with the taste of things that are made as if they were for oneself.

We arrive at our Pizzas that are always soft and crispy, abandoning the copiousness of the Argentine tradition and sticking them more to the Standard of Roman Italian style: thin dough, seasoned tomato and let the aromas do the talking!

“There is no such thing as a good pizza on bad dough.”

There is no such thing as a good pizza on bad dough, our friend and Maestro Marco Naccari, a multi-generational pizzaiolo and expert at Da Ciro, in Milan, told us. That is why we ferment for a long time, at low temperatures and using high-protein flour from selected wheats, which give the product greater elasticity and flavor.

Top-quality ingredients and freshness complete the wonder.
We bake on bare stone, at non-residual temperatures, without using trays or metal components. We guarantee that an initial texture of crispy snap will be followed in the mouth by an invasion of Mediterranean flavors and subtle and round aromas.

Elina i Renay